“For a theory, I believe that Ash is the son of Ghost/Warrior Princess and Clarence. He has Clarence’s personality and Ghost Princess’s looks (this would describe why their hair looks similar).”
(Submitted by kenzie-ann27)
“Hunson Abadeer was formerly a buisnessman”
(Submitted by Anon)

"pretty much every wizard can do a trick named ‘memory bonk’. it consists of slamming your head into an invidual and showing them selected memories of yours. the only wizard who cannot do this is the ice king, since he remembers little to nothing from his past."

(Submitted by anon)
“Have you noticed that the cubes from rattleballs were first seen in the episode the montater where finn, jake and lsp sat??”
(Submitted by thecolourfulnerd)
“After seeing the lemon hope episode last night, every thousand years history is doomed to repeat it’s self. What ever dominant species is around it eventually destroys itself like with the humans.”
(Submitted by  jackkiller352)